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5 July 2012

After the storm

LammaSky Kuma

Last week we had a brief encounter with Typhoon Doksuri. This week we've had the most glorious weather! Blue and clear skies!

Check out the Hong Kong City Guide by The Guardian. They've featured some of my photos.

7 January 2011


windmill on lammahiking on lamma islandSeafood Restaurant on Lamma ISland Lamcombe

1- Lamma Windmill
2- Hiking
3- Lamcombe Seafood

15 December 2010

Drowned - Expired Kodachrome

Japaneses Crepes on wheelsjakobsmuscheln, scallops kraftwerk, power plant on lammakuma my dogpower plant on Lamma Island

Photos from the Olympus Trip and an expired Kodachrome film
1- Suzuka, Japan
2- Scallops, Lamma
3- Power Plant, Lamma
4- My dog Kuma
5- Power Plant, Lamma
6- F1 Suzuka, Japan
7- F1 Suzuka, Japan

26 October 2010


fish at the Osaka Aquariumdolphin at the osaka aquariumferris wheel at the osaka aquariumJapanese breakfast at the ryokanSuzuka Grand Prix 2010Minō Quasi-National Park

All taken with an Olympus Trip 35

1-3 Osaka Aquarium
4- Japanese breafast at the Ryokan
5- Formula One at Suzuka
6- Beautiful Minoh Quasi National Park

18 October 2010


Dotombori in Osaka minohJazz in Osaka

1- Dotombori, Osaka
2- Minoh - Osaka
3- Nagoya
4- Jass in Osaka

30 September 2010

28 September 2010


1- Wan Chai market
2- Central carpark

24 September 2010


Hong Kong Photos, Wan ChaiHong Kong Photos, Wan ChaiHong Kong Photos Sai KungHong Kong Photos, Wan Chai

1 - Some back alley in Wan Chai
2 - Paper recycling shop in Wan Chai
3 - Floating fish market in Sai Kung
4 - Shop in Wan Chai

13 September 2010


no skateboarding in Hong Kong parking lot in Hong Kong post Construction Site Hong Kong

1- In front of the Immigration Tower in Wan Chai
2- Car park in Central
3- General Post Office in Central
4- Former site of the Star Ferry

4 August 2010

Dim Sum

1- Dim Sum Lunch
2- Sunday Walk

30 July 2010

Black Rainstorm Warning

Snails with an Olympus Trip35 Hong Kong flowers with an Olympus Trip35 Hong Kongcrowd control-Olympus Trip Hong Kong

1- Grand Hyatt Park
2- Lamma Island
3- Crowd Control at Central Plaza

26 July 2010

Dongguan China

DongguanDongguan Factory Lunch Break in ChinaPu Er
1- Factory in Dongguan, China
2- Lunch break starts at 12
3- Having Pu Er tea with the factory boss

17 July 2010

Olympus Trip

Wan Chai Alley with Olympus Trip Causeway Bay with Olympus TripBeware of the hidden graves

First photos I took with the Olympus Trip 35.
1- Alley in Wan Chai
2- Causeway Bay
3- Lamma Island