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15 May 2018

FOR SALE Minox 35GT Mint Condition

Minox 35GT for sale in Hong Kong

Minox 35GT

In excellent minty condition. Comes with original attendance bag and original box + manual
1300HKD whatsapp me at 852- 91970658

24 June 2015

Where to buy film in Hong Kong

Here are some websites and shops where you can buy film in Hong Kong.

Selling lots of different film, like cinestill, Agfa, Rollei everything really and also camera bags, darkroom accessories. Looks like a cool site, but I haven't bought anything from there myself.

Same here, looks like a good site.

Log-On sells Lomo cameras, Polaroid Cameras, Instax products and a bit of 35mm film, but not very consistently. But every time I'm there, I get some Agfa Vista. I think they also will be selling  the INSTAFLEX which is available to buy in just 9 days.
City Super Log-On

Yahoo Auctions
is really popular in Hong Kong and it is alright sometimes for buying film or even cameras, especially Holgas, unfortunately it is all in Chinese, but if you already have a Yahoo account you can contact the seller (with some help from google translate) and arrange the trade somewhere. I bought a Minolta HiMatic 7S there once in really good condition and with 3 months guarantee!

Here's a Shop selling Lomo Film 


Stanley Street (or what is left of it)
The shops still left are Miramar next to the Jockey Club in the 1st Floor and the shop at the corner of Pottinger Street
PhotoScientific is now in Sheung Wan
(64 Wing Lok St)

If you know of any other shops where you can buy film in Hong Kong, please let me know.

14 April 2014

Fog on Lamma

It was really foggy in the morning two days ago. I grabbed the kid and my camera and went out for a walk.
lamma farm
lamma waterfront
old lama pier
foggy morning on lamma
surfing on lamma

7 April 2014

Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Sai Wan Swimming ShedStaunton Street ConstructionMarket Stall Peel Street Hong Kong '

Sorry for the randomness. I have no time for anything else at the moment.Gaah!

27 January 2014

2016 UPDATED Developing Film in Hong Kong

Here is a little list of photo labs in Hong Kong. Feel free to add your opinion and suggestions


New addition

Chaudigital HK Ltd
Room 1509
Phase 2, Chai Wan Industrial City
70 Wing Tai Road
Chai Wan, Hong Kong
+852 2505 0830

as a commenter mentioned they are very professional, making prints for nat geo contributors etc.

Miramar Photo Supplies
18 Stanley Street 1/F
Central, Hong Kong
This is where I go to. They usually take a day and charge 20HKD for developing color film and another 20 for scanning.The guys are friendly. 

Photo Scientific
Ground Floor, 6 Stanley St
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2525 0550
They have closed down and relocated to Sheung Wan. Not sure if they still do prints. Anybody know?

East Asia Professional
G/F, 29 Swatow St., Wanchai,
Hong Kong
Tel : +852 25751745
They take a little longer but they are very thorough. Slightly more expensive, too.

1/F, 51 Wellington Street,
Hong Kong
Tel : 2526 0123 

Many people recommend them. I find them really overpriced and rude.
Flat 14B, Redana Centre, 25 Yiu Wa StreetCauseway Bay


Dotwell Photo
44 Carnarvon Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui,Kowloon,
Hong Kong
Phone: +852 23683826

Sunrise Professional Photofinishing
333/B2 Lai Chi Kwok Road,
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 23862048

1/F, 612 Reclamation Street,
Mongkok, Kowloon
Hong Kong 
Tel: +852 23804077

Color in August
Shop C G/F No. 322, Shanghai Street,
Yaumatei, Kowloon,
Hong Kong
Phone: +852 27811802

4 October 2013

Old Photographs of Hong Kong

While browsing flickr I stumbled across this amazing set of old photos of Hong Kong, mostly taken in the late 60s and early 70s and qite an extensive collection of Wan Chai bar cards.
Windsor bar,WanchaiRainbow BarBoston Bar

Here are some of Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau.

Slides_02_038 Old Hong Kong  - Aberdeen in 1969Old Hong Kong  - Aberdeen in 1969Old Hong Kong- Aberdeen in 1969

14 May 2012

10 May 2012

Kong Kong Alley Medley

Back alley in Hong Kong Rain
Callejon Smoke Vent
Lunch IIIRide
Alley Alley

I like the back alleys in HK. Sometimes they're really disgusting with all the rats, roaches, greasy concrete and rubbish from the restaurants.

By the way, has reviewed my blog. Thank you :)

9 May 2012

Concrete, tree and water

Central Roots Kennedy Town

1-view from a roof in Central
2-ruins of a school in Wan Chai
3-morning in Kennedy Town

6 May 2012

Double Exposure

Lamma Island and Lago di Como Lamma Island and Lago di Como Lamma Island and Lago di Como Gotthard & Lamma Island

1-3 Lago di Como & Lamma Island
4- St Gotthard & Lamma Island

Eposed during my trip to Italy with the Nikon, forgotten and exposed again on Lamma with a P&S Braun Ultralit.

24 April 2012


Mandarin Tree in Hong Kong Back Alley in Hong Kong Ashtray in Hong Kong

1-3 back alleys in Wan Chai

16 April 2012

21 February 2012

Braun Ultralit

Bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong
Footbridge in Hong KongDogs on Lamma

Photos taken with a Braun Ultralit Point and Shoot and Agfa Vista. I bought this little camera in a small shop in Wan Chai, still in the original box for about 100HK$. It's nice, but the focus is a hit and miss.

1 - Footbridge in Central
2 - Lamma Dogs
3 - Construction in Central

13 February 2012


coffeeshop in OsakaJazz Bar in OsakaKing Kong records in Osaka

Some photos from a trip to Osaka to see the Fleet Foxes and amazing Beirut.
Osaka has a lot of really great record stores!

1- Cafe in America-Mura
2- Tiny Jazz bar
3- King Kong records