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13 July 2017

14 April 2014

Fog on Lamma

It was really foggy in the morning two days ago. I grabbed the kid and my camera and went out for a walk.
lamma farm
lamma waterfront
old lama pier
foggy morning on lamma
surfing on lamma

18 December 2013

9 October 2013

Hiking on Lamma

my lovely dog kuma
hiking on lamma island
hiking on lamma island
indian food in Tsim Sha Tsui

Some self-developed pictures taken with a simple Canon point and shoot camera. Dust everywhere! 

17 February 2013

Lamma Island

Farm on Lamma Hong Kong
Construction on Lamma Kong Kong
Village Vehicle

Some more photos taken with the Revue 400SE  and Agfa Vista Film.

Happy New Year Of The Snake! PS you can buy a print of the first photograph on society6. Click Here

7 October 2012

Yung Shue Wan

Yung Shue Wan Pier

RIP to all the victims of the Lamma Ferry collision. What a tragedy. :(

5 September 2012


Taking a Break in Sheung Wan
taking a break at IFC Hong Kong
Taking a break on Lamma Island

1- Sheung Wan
2- Central
3- Lamma

27 July 2012


Typhoon Vicente in Hong Kong aftermath trees in Hong Kong after the storm vicente

Damage after Typhoon Vicente, first T10 in a long time.

5 July 2012

After the storm

LammaSky Kuma

Last week we had a brief encounter with Typhoon Doksuri. This week we've had the most glorious weather! Blue and clear skies!

Check out the Hong Kong City Guide by The Guardian. They've featured some of my photos.

14 May 2012

6 May 2012

Double Exposure

Lamma Island and Lago di Como Lamma Island and Lago di Como Lamma Island and Lago di Como Gotthard & Lamma Island

1-3 Lago di Como & Lamma Island
4- St Gotthard & Lamma Island

Eposed during my trip to Italy with the Nikon, forgotten and exposed again on Lamma with a P&S Braun Ultralit.

21 February 2012

Braun Ultralit

Bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong
Footbridge in Hong KongDogs on Lamma

Photos taken with a Braun Ultralit Point and Shoot and Agfa Vista. I bought this little camera in a small shop in Wan Chai, still in the original box for about 100HK$. It's nice, but the focus is a hit and miss.

1 - Footbridge in Central
2 - Lamma Dogs
3 - Construction in Central