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6 August 2013

Osaka walk

Oaska Street SceneOsaka Street MusiciansOsaka AmericaMura Girls

 Osaka is a great city for strolling around and buying used vinyl. See my other posts here and here

13 February 2012


coffeeshop in OsakaJazz Bar in OsakaKing Kong records in Osaka

Some photos from a trip to Osaka to see the Fleet Foxes and amazing Beirut.
Osaka has a lot of really great record stores!

1- Cafe in America-Mura
2- Tiny Jazz bar
3- King Kong records

7 December 2011

The Fleet Foxes live in Japan 2012

Fleet Foxes live in Japan January 2012 Ticket Osaka
I've ordered tickets for the Fleet Foxes Concert in 2012.

15 December 2010

Drowned - Expired Kodachrome

Japaneses Crepes on wheelsjakobsmuscheln, scallops kraftwerk, power plant on lammakuma my dogpower plant on Lamma Island

Photos from the Olympus Trip and an expired Kodachrome film
1- Suzuka, Japan
2- Scallops, Lamma
3- Power Plant, Lamma
4- My dog Kuma
5- Power Plant, Lamma
6- F1 Suzuka, Japan
7- F1 Suzuka, Japan

26 October 2010


fish at the Osaka Aquariumdolphin at the osaka aquariumferris wheel at the osaka aquariumJapanese breakfast at the ryokanSuzuka Grand Prix 2010Minō Quasi-National Park

All taken with an Olympus Trip 35

1-3 Osaka Aquarium
4- Japanese breafast at the Ryokan
5- Formula One at Suzuka
6- Beautiful Minoh Quasi National Park

18 October 2010


Dotombori in Osaka minohJazz in Osaka

1- Dotombori, Osaka
2- Minoh - Osaka
3- Nagoya
4- Jass in Osaka