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17 February 2014

Analogue Photography in Hong Kong V : David Davidoff

Lei Yue Mun, Hong Kong
Yau Ma Tei Photography

There are a lot of great street photography shots on David Davidoffs flickr stream, but I especially like his photos of rural parts of Hong Kong like Lei Yue Mun. Check out his flickr stream here.

When and why did you start taking analogue photos?
Oh, let me think about should be about few years ago(about 6-7 years)...I always like analogue stuff(e.g. Vacuum Tubes, LPs...), it seems nearly close to life and humanity.
Originally, I know nothing about photography. Firstly, I start to collecting vintage cameras, I am so curious what image will be come out if taken by these vintage cameras...then, I start to tacking my first roll...second, third...till now.
I observed that life gone too soon, something disappears and missing soon...I just want to record them and freeze the moments of life...

How many cameras do you have and which one is your favorite?
Ummm, I haven't count it clearly, but I guess it's about 200-300 or more...and which one is my favorite?? hahaha...which I held it on my hand...even if, I always bring my Leica M3 in my bag, this is a sharp weapon of street photography.

9 October 2013

Hiking on Lamma

my lovely dog kuma
hiking on lamma island
hiking on lamma island
indian food in Tsim Sha Tsui

Some self-developed pictures taken with a simple Canon point and shoot camera. Dust everywhere! 

26 September 2013

Analogue Photography in Hong Kong IV : Ng Ka Lok Edward

Hong Kong Public Estate: Yue Wan Estate 漁灣邨 Playground on analog Film by Edward Ng

Ng Ka Lok Edward takes stunning photos of Hong Kong street scenes, mainly in black and white and medium format. Check out Edwards flickr stream HERE or contact him directly by email

When and why did you start taking analog photos? 
Started taking analog photos before digital camera come. Stopped on last 15 years. Restarted on 2013. 

How many cameras do you have and which one is your favorite? 
I have 3 on hand. My favour is.........Voigtlander Bessa III 

Where do you buy gear or film in HK and where do you develop your film? 
I buy and develop the film in Wan Chai, Colorluxe Express. 

Do you think analogue photography is becoming more popular in Hong Kong?
I do hope it will, it doesn't matter to me. I will move forward with my analog camera.

Hong Kong Street Photo , Dim Sum Baskets(Film: 120) by Edward Ng Hong Kong Street Photography on on analog Film by Edward Ng (Film: 120)

28 February 2013

EHO Box Camera

EHO Box Camera
This is an EHO Box Camera, a simple box camera from 1931.

Here are some photos:

EHO Box Camera Photos Hong Kong  EHO Box Camera Photos Hong Kong Central taken with an EHO box camera

14 May 2012

8 May 2012

More Braun Ultralit

Wan ChaiWan Chai
Lamma Island

Photos I took with a cheap Braun Ultralit point and shoot. I think I will retire this camera now. The focus is off so many times and it's not very good in low light. All together it's just not that much fun if half of the photos in one roll are messed up somehow.

6 May 2012

Double Exposure

Lamma Island and Lago di Como Lamma Island and Lago di Como Lamma Island and Lago di Como Gotthard & Lamma Island

1-3 Lago di Como & Lamma Island
4- St Gotthard & Lamma Island

Eposed during my trip to Italy with the Nikon, forgotten and exposed again on Lamma with a P&S Braun Ultralit.

16 April 2012

11 October 2011

Graham Street Market

Graham Street Market in Hong Kong Flower Shop at Graham Street Market Graham Street Market, Wing Woo Grocery DaiPaiDong in Central Hong Kong before redevelopment

1- Fruit stalls at Graham Street Market
2- Flower Shop at Graham Street Market
3- Wing Woo Groceries
4- Dai Pai Dong close to Graham Street Market

The pictures are of Graham Street Market in Central. Graham Street Market is one of the oldest outdoor markets in Hong Kong. It's been around for 160 years. Even before Hong Kong became a British colony there was a bazaar on this site, selling provisions to the ships arriving in Hong Kong. Unfortunately the Urban Renewal Authority is planning to redevelop Graham Street and Peel Street. When they say redevelop they actually mean tearing down the old buildings and building higher, more profitable high-rises instead. This will affect 37 building and 78 shops. It will start 2015 and be completed in 2021.
The plan is to build a giant complex with two residential buildings, a 26-storey hotel, a 32-storey office building, a footbridge linking to the escalator and an underground car park (because we need more cars in Central for sure). They are also planning an "Old Market Street" a man-made tourist attraction, which will have nothing to do with reality and surely all the charm and authenticity of the market will be lost. They will be selling traditional products and handicrafts. Sounds like the Ngong Ping Old Town to me, a disney-esque tourist attraction on Lantau selling Babushka dolls and other kitsch to mainland tourists. I fail to see how "Old Shop Street" can be of any interest for a tourist wanting to experience the many sides of Hong Kong, as gritty and dirty as they can be. Graham Street Market may not be pretty at times, but it's GENUINE and vibrant. The real Hong Kong, a real outdoor wet market, not the URA's version of it.
Instead of just renovating the buildings, like it is done in most places in the world the URA instead tears down most of the ones built in 50s and 60s, keeps the facade of the pre-war buildings and fills in the rest with hotels, luxurious apartments and other crap not catered to the existing residents of that area, but for richer class with more consumer power. Local residents are relocated and compensated. If compensation for something like that is even possible. 
The corner house of Wellington Street and Peel Street was housing one of the oldest shops in that area selling eggs, groceries and dried goods called Wing Woo Groceries, which was in business for more than 80 years and closed in 2009. The URA offered the owner compensation and he retired due to old age. The shops interior will be preserved for a museum.

1 April 2011

Pottinger Street

Pottinger Street in Central, Hong KongPottinger Street in Central, Hong Kong

1- Pottinger Street
2- Stanley Street

17 January 2011

Trees and Construction

Trees on LammaFarm on Lamma Island Leaves on LammaTamar Government Building Constructions SiteHK Government Building Construction Site

1-3 Lamma Island
4-5 HK Government building Tamar Construction Site

27 December 2010

Pinhole VI

PInhole camera photos from Hong Kong Ferry pinhole photocentral pinhole photoMotorcycle pinhole photo

Photos from my homemade pinhole camera, pinhole turned out to be too small.

2 December 2010

Wan Chai

Wan Chai MarketWan Chai MarketSouthorn PlaygroundSitting Out Area in Wan Chai
All taken with a Minolta Hi-matic 7s from the 60s.