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27 May 2015

$40 Camera Challenge


The Film Shooters Collective has a new blog post online featuring my beloved Canon Prima 5 and some photos I have taken with it.
Take a look  HERE

22 October 2013

Windows | Double Happiness | Omega

Pigeons Double Happiness

Three completely unrelated photos from this week.

9 October 2013

Hiking on Lamma

my lovely dog kuma
hiking on lamma island
hiking on lamma island
indian food in Tsim Sha Tsui

Some self-developed pictures taken with a simple Canon point and shoot camera. Dust everywhere! 

6 August 2013

Osaka walk

Oaska Street SceneOsaka Street MusiciansOsaka AmericaMura Girls

 Osaka is a great city for strolling around and buying used vinyl. See my other posts here and here

20 June 2013


Kembs in Schleswig-Holstein Kembs Sakura Fleetfahrt - Speicherstadt Hamburg Kunsthandwerk

Some more photos from Northern Germany. Next up is HK - promise :)

15 May 2013

Berlin II

Kantstrasse in Berlin taken with Olympus XA
Zoologiescher Garten in Berlin
Kanstrasse in Berlin
Pariser Platz in Berlin
Liegewiese im Tiergarten Berlin

I bought two cameras in Berlin, two Olympus XAs with flash. Nice little cameras!

24 March 2013

Trip to Po Toi

R1-01741-027A R1-01742-0031_B Po Toi Island Junk Trip PoToi

Taken with a Canon Prima 5 and Agfa Vista