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27 May 2015

$40 Camera Challenge


The Film Shooters Collective has a new blog post online featuring my beloved Canon Prima 5 and some photos I have taken with it.
Take a look  HERE

16 May 2013

Yuck 'n Yum

My photograph is in the latest spring edition of Yuck 'n Yum zine!
Check it out here

20 March 2013

Analogue Photography in Hong Kong II - Shima Eleven

Check out the stunning analogue portraits by Shima Eleven. Some of them taken with an unusual Ebony 45SU . I especially like his series Folks and their Camera

analog photography in hong kong

taken with a Pentax 67II, Xenotar 6" 2.8, Kodak 400VC

vespa - analog photography in hong kong butcher - analog photography in hong kong  

When and why did you start taking analogue photos?
I finished my first Degree in Journalism but I never been a Photo reporter before. Because a long time ago I started taking analogue portraits

How many cameras do you have and which one is your favorite?
Hahahaha... It's hard to tell you the exact numbers, because I never count. I use a half frame camera, Lomo, 135, Medium Format , Large Format and Polaroid too. I use Ebony 45SU (4x5 Large Format) and Philips & son 8x10 Explorer (8x10 Large Format) for recently.

Where do you buy gear or film in HK and where do you develop your film?
I like B&W Photography and develop it by myself. Most of my gear is from second hand shop in Hong Kong, eBay and some Camera Collectors.

Here are some of his photos on flickr