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20 February 2013

Analogue Photography in Hong Kong: ALEX S.F.C.

This is the first part of a series on analogue photographers in Hong Kong

ALEX S.F.C (Alex Chen) takes stunning film photographs in Hong Kong. I especially like his night time shots.

Check out his flickr stream.

When and why did you start taking analogue photos?
I started taking film since 2004 as I was amazed by film's texture. The first film camera I used was Lomo LCA, followed by Contax T3 which is a point-and-shoot camera, but it surpasses the quality of many DSLR.

How many cameras do you have and which one is your favorite?
I have 7 film cameras and 1 DC. Leica MP is my all time favourite, I love its classic outlook, sturdy metallic body, high reliability, silent shutter and function-able even without battery.

Where do you buy gear or film in HK and where do you develop your film?
Most of my cameras were bought from the Internet. I have my films developed in Colorluxe Express in Wan Chai.

Sham Shui Po Street Food
Untitled Hong Kong Central Dai Pai Dong
Sheung Wan Market Stall
Tattoo Back in Hong Kong
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong Office