15 May 2018

FOR SALE Minox 35GT Mint Condition

Minox 35GT for sale in Hong Kong

Minox 35GT

In excellent minty condition. Comes with original attendance bag and original box + manual
1300HKD whatsapp me at 852- 91970658

14 May 2018

FOR SALE: Mamiya 645

I'm selling some analog Film Cameras to make space
First one to go is this Mamiya. Let me know if you are interested

Mamiya 645 PRO
Mamiya AE Prism Finder FE401
Mamiya Sekor C 55mm/f2.8
Mamiya Sekor C 80mm/f2.8
Mamiya Focusing Screen N Type B
2 original film backs

Everything in overall great condition. Fully working. Some minor scuffs. AE finder has two shiny spots where tape was attached.

PRICE for all 6500HKD

whatsapp me at 852- 91970658

13 July 2017

18 November 2015

24 June 2015

Where to buy film in Hong Kong

Here are some websites and shops where you can buy film in Hong Kong.

Selling lots of different film, like cinestill, Agfa, Rollei everything really and also camera bags, darkroom accessories. Looks like a cool site, but I haven't bought anything from there myself.

Same here, looks like a good site.

Log-On sells Lomo cameras, Polaroid Cameras, Instax products and a bit of 35mm film, but not very consistently. But every time I'm there, I get some Agfa Vista. I think they also will be selling  the INSTAFLEX which is available to buy in just 9 days.
City Super Log-On

Yahoo Auctions
is really popular in Hong Kong and it is alright sometimes for buying film or even cameras, especially Holgas, unfortunately it is all in Chinese, but if you already have a Yahoo account you can contact the seller (with some help from google translate) and arrange the trade somewhere. I bought a Minolta HiMatic 7S there once in really good condition and with 3 months guarantee!

Here's a Shop selling Lomo Film


Stanley Street (or what is left of it)
The shops still left are Miramar next to the Jockey Club in the 1st Floor and the shop at the corner of Pottinger Street
PhotoScientific is now in Sheung Wan
(64 Wing Lok St)

If you know of any other shops where you can buy film in Hong Kong, please let me know.

27 May 2015

$40 Camera Challenge


The Film Shooters Collective has a new blog post online featuring my beloved Canon Prima 5 and some photos I have taken with it.
Take a look  HERE