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7 April 2014

Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Sai Wan Swimming ShedStaunton Street ConstructionMarket Stall Peel Street Hong Kong '

Sorry for the randomness. I have no time for anything else at the moment.Gaah!

15 May 2013

Berlin II

Kantstrasse in Berlin taken with Olympus XA
Zoologiescher Garten in Berlin
Kanstrasse in Berlin
Pariser Platz in Berlin
Liegewiese im Tiergarten Berlin

I bought two cameras in Berlin, two Olympus XAs with flash. Nice little cameras!

17 February 2013

Lamma Island

Farm on Lamma Hong Kong
Construction on Lamma Kong Kong
Village Vehicle

Some more photos taken with the Revue 400SE  and Agfa Vista Film.

Happy New Year Of The Snake! PS you can buy a print of the first photograph on society6. Click Here

21 February 2012

Braun Ultralit

Bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong
Footbridge in Hong KongDogs on Lamma

Photos taken with a Braun Ultralit Point and Shoot and Agfa Vista. I bought this little camera in a small shop in Wan Chai, still in the original box for about 100HK$. It's nice, but the focus is a hit and miss.

1 - Footbridge in Central
2 - Lamma Dogs
3 - Construction in Central