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12 August 2011


Day on Lamma Sun on LammaICC in Kowloonman taking a break in Wan Cha

1-2 Lamma Island
3- ICC Kowloon
4- Park next to the Grand Hyatt

12 April 2011


Farm on Lamma IslandCollecting Cans on Lamma IslandDrinking Wine at the Shangri-La

1- Lamma Island
2- Lamma Island
3- Island Shangri-La

17 January 2011

Trees and Construction

Trees on LammaFarm on Lamma Island Leaves on LammaTamar Government Building Constructions SiteHK Government Building Construction Site

1-3 Lamma Island
4-5 HK Government building Tamar Construction Site

7 January 2011


windmill on lammahiking on lamma islandSeafood Restaurant on Lamma ISland Lamcombe

1- Lamma Windmill
2- Hiking
3- Lamcombe Seafood

15 December 2010

Drowned - Expired Kodachrome

Japaneses Crepes on wheelsjakobsmuscheln, scallops kraftwerk, power plant on lammakuma my dogpower plant on Lamma Island

Photos from the Olympus Trip and an expired Kodachrome film
1- Suzuka, Japan
2- Scallops, Lamma
3- Power Plant, Lamma
4- My dog Kuma
5- Power Plant, Lamma
6- F1 Suzuka, Japan
7- F1 Suzuka, Japan

15 September 2010

Das Meer am morgen

Lamma Channel

The Lamma channel, this is where all the big container ships come into HK, there is usually one every ten view minutes. It's one of the most frequented water channels of the world. Last year a juvenile Humpback Whale was sighted here, the first one in Hong Kong waters, they say it got lost on its way north.

20 July 2010

and more

Ocean - Olympus Trip 35 Photos from Hong Kong Olympus Trip 35 Photos from Hong Kong Fischer Olympus Trip 35 Photos from Hong Kong Olympus Trip 35 Photos from Hong Kong

2nd Roll from the Olympus Trip, shot in Central and on Lamma Island.

17 July 2010

Olympus Trip

Wan Chai Alley with Olympus Trip Causeway Bay with Olympus TripBeware of the hidden graves

First photos I took with the Olympus Trip 35.
1- Alley in Wan Chai
2- Causeway Bay
3- Lamma Island

9 May 2010


Some photos I took on Lamma on a rainy day like today.

3 May 2010


A week after the World Pinhole day I managed to make my own pinhole camera, using a matchbox and a lot of black tape (instructions here: ). The first film was full of light leaks from the flimsy shutter and not rewinding it completely, the other one I will pick up today after work.