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14 May 2012

10 May 2012

Kong Kong Alley Medley

Back alley in Hong Kong Rain
Callejon Smoke Vent
Lunch IIIRide
Alley Alley

I like the back alleys in HK. Sometimes they're really disgusting with all the rats, roaches, greasy concrete and rubbish from the restaurants.

By the way, has reviewed my blog. Thank you :)

9 May 2012

Concrete, tree and water

Central Roots Kennedy Town

1-view from a roof in Central
2-ruins of a school in Wan Chai
3-morning in Kennedy Town

8 May 2012

More Braun Ultralit

Wan ChaiWan Chai
Lamma Island

Photos I took with a cheap Braun Ultralit point and shoot. I think I will retire this camera now. The focus is off so many times and it's not very good in low light. All together it's just not that much fun if half of the photos in one roll are messed up somehow.

6 May 2012

Double Exposure

Lamma Island and Lago di Como Lamma Island and Lago di Como Lamma Island and Lago di Como Gotthard & Lamma Island

1-3 Lago di Como & Lamma Island
4- St Gotthard & Lamma Island

Eposed during my trip to Italy with the Nikon, forgotten and exposed again on Lamma with a P&S Braun Ultralit.

24 April 2012


Mandarin Tree in Hong Kong Back Alley in Hong Kong Ashtray in Hong Kong

1-3 back alleys in Wan Chai

12 August 2011


Day on Lamma Sun on LammaICC in Kowloonman taking a break in Wan Cha

1-2 Lamma Island
3- ICC Kowloon
4- Park next to the Grand Hyatt

14 July 2011

Saint Gotthard

 Saint Gotthard Pass

On top of the Saint Gotthard Pass. Instead of the tunnel we took the scenic road on our way to Itlay. There is still some snow and ice, even in the summer.