17 February 2014

Analogue Photography in Hong Kong V : David Davidoff

Lei Yue Mun, Hong Kong
Yau Ma Tei Photography

There are a lot of great street photography shots on David Davidoffs flickr stream, but I especially like his photos of rural parts of Hong Kong like Lei Yue Mun. Check out his flickr stream here.

When and why did you start taking analogue photos?
Oh, let me think about it...it should be about few years ago(about 6-7 years)...I always like analogue stuff(e.g. Vacuum Tubes, LPs...), it seems nearly close to life and humanity.
Originally, I know nothing about photography. Firstly, I start to collecting vintage cameras, I am so curious what image will be come out if taken by these vintage cameras...then, I start to tacking my first roll...second, third...till now.
I observed that life gone too soon, something disappears and missing soon...I just want to record them and freeze the moments of life...

How many cameras do you have and which one is your favorite?
Ummm, I haven't count it clearly, but I guess it's about 200-300 or more...and which one is my favorite?? hahaha...which I held it on my hand...even if, I always bring my Leica M3 in my bag, this is a sharp weapon of street photography.

Lei Yue Mun, Hong Kong
The Peak in Hong Kong black and white
nam Sang Wai Hong Kong Untitled 

Where do you buy gear or film in HK and where do you develop your film?
I seldom buy any gear in HK but films. Sometimes, I like to visit some camera shops e.g. Champagne Court, Shogun Camera and Sunrise Photo...etc. I always buy films from Kowloon Life, Output Pro Lab, Sunrise Photo...I always develop my film by local laboratories e.g. Color-Six or Output Pro Lab...etc.

What's your favourite place in Hong Kong to take photos?
I have no any specific place, but I like to visit some of old districts(e.g. North Point, Tai Kok Tsui, Yau Ma Tei....etc) or some of abandoned places (e.g. Ma Wan Old Village, Tai Sang Wai, Wong Chuk Yeung(Sai Kung)...etc)....of course it depends on my mood.


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