27 December 2010

Pinhole VI

PInhole camera photos from Hong Kong Ferry pinhole photocentral pinhole photoMotorcycle pinhole photo

Photos from my homemade pinhole camera, pinhole turned out to be too small.


  1. It is. These actually didn't turn out that great, the hole was too small!
    San Yi Fai Lo!!

  2. Actually, what i like the most about this photos is the fact of the hole is smaller that it was supposed to be. turned out a magnificent accident. The third one, in my humble opinion, is just amazing. The dreamy look is something else...

    Would like to post the third one on my blog very much, if dont want me to, please just say something eva!

  3. Hi Pedro, of course you can! I'm glad you like them, they sure have something dreamy.

  4. Done it. Thank you so much!

    All the best,
    Pedro Pires

  5. I like these pictures. It is fun to experiment with a small hole. Have you seen the pictures of "Slow-light project" with exposure up to 3 month!

    Have a fun!

  6. He, that's a great link, thank you. I wonder how the photographer did that. What a cool experiment!


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