20 November 2010

No Entry And No Dumping

fish market in Hong Kong  Minolta Hi-matic Market in Hong Kong Minolta Hi-matic Dog in Wong Tai Si Minolta Hi-matic For Rent Signs in Hong Kong, Minolta Hi-matic

1,2- Prince Edward
3- Wong Tai Sin
4- Prince Edward


  1. the photo of the fishes is amazing! love the colors!

  2. The fish are fabulous, and the four photos together tell a wee story. I have to be better about coming around here.

  3. Thank you red-handed! Now I'm wondering what the story is :)

  4. I don´t know why the fishes made me think of these mountains in Argentina!

    I just saw your comments in my blog, thanks so much!

    So where is it that you are that there are snakes? In Hong Kong?

  5. Hi laia, those mountains are beautiful! The colors are similar to the fish.

  6. love your drawings and the photos of the wet markets - when I was in Hong Kong they completely captivated me - in the western world we are so removed from our food.


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