19 August 2010

The Never Ending Construction Site


Hong Kong must be the city with the highest crane per person quota. What are they building in Central?
A highway for more cars and a smoke stack for all the fumes that will come out of the cars. It's insane. I'm really wondering who in the government comes up with this crap. Traffic problems cannot be solved by building more roads.That's a fact, that has been proven by many other cities with traffic problems like Los Angeles or Mexico City. There is even scientific research for this. Every 10% increase in new roadways leads to a 9% increase in traffic within 4 years.


  1. you taken some nice images too!

  2. Sí, de Lima.
    Your spanish is good. There's no mistakes in the lines you wrote.
    Love your pics from Hong Kong, by the way. Makes me wanna go there.
    Thanks for the visit :)


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